As a martial artist for 15 years, you get to know your body well. After my sessions with Jeanna, I felt more fully aligned, not only physically, also mentally and emotionally. A true balance of strength for deep tissue work but with a gentle overall experience. Yin & Yang!!! ~Seth, 4th Degree Black Belt, Scottsdale AZ


I have been a client of Jeanna's for the past 6 months, having regular massages. She has an excellent touch, -firm yet gentle, and a wonderful spirit which infuses in to her treatments. Jeanna incorporates a variety of massage style techniques which allows you to experience different massage modalities. The atmosphere of the treatment room is a very comfortable temperature, with wonderful music and aromas. I highly recommend Jeanna and know that you would be extremely satisfied. ~Julie, Scottsdale AZ

Jeanna Chebat has given me massages and they were some of the best massages I've ever had. And I've had many! She has a very healing touch. If you get a chance to experience one of her massages, you won't regret it and will be spoiled for anyone else. ~Jim, Phoenix AZ


Jeanna is not just a skilled massage therapist, she is an intuitive and gifted healer. It feels as if her hot healing hands massage you from the inside out, and her professional use of therapeutic essential oils help restore balance and promote well-being. Whether I need focused neck and shoulder work after hours on my laptop or a relaxing full body treatment to unwind from a stressful week, a session with Jeanna rejuvenates mind, body and spirit in a comfortable, tranquil setting. ~Hope Romano, Amherst NY


Jeanna is enchanting. Originally I went to her for a massage and I found that the experience was at a level I didn't know existed. The atmosphere, her genuineness, gifted talent, and the charisma she exudes made this an experience that I not only need for my physical wellness but for my awareness of self. I have learned more about myself in the past two months than I have over my last 42 years of life. ~Jim, Rochester NY

Jeanna is our hidden treasure. If you are lucky enough to have come across her path and then need a little more confirmation that you are on your right path, then here it is. She has helped me go through a profound transformation physically and energetically. Using he array of diverse modalities, Jeanna integrates your physical body with your energetic field balancing your chakras and releasing blockages. I hope this helps you in following your path of seeking health, vitality and balance in your life. ~Treg, Scottsdale AZ


After a long days work the only thing I can ever think about are my massages or facials with Jeanna. From head to toe it is always an amazing experience. I always leave feeling fresh & pampered. What more could a girl ask for! ~Judith, NY


The massages I receive from Jeanna really make me feel like a new person, not only physically but also mentally. I feel more focused and driven to take on the challenges. ~Richard, Scottsdale AZ

I suffer from PTSD after dealing with a traumatic experience. I have tried many things to help me deal with this illness. It has been a blessing to have Jeanna treat me. Her unique ways and soothing touch has helped me so much. She is truly a master of the body and mind! ~Anonymous, Buffalo NY


All my life I've been searching for massage and facials. I've tried many places, I needed help. Every place I went I said to myself that I will never return. I never felt the touch, love or passion in their work. At last, Jeanna asked me to let her give me a massage and that I looked tired. When she gave me the massage I fell asleep and I didn't want to wake up from under her care. It lasted me for a whole month. I felt heaven was on earth after so many years of stress and no relief. Then she gave me a facial. My face was so soft that I didn't want to wash my face and lose any of the benefits of it. I always look forward to my next treatment with Jeanna. Even just thinking about it makes me feel so good. ~Georgette, Amherst NY


Jeanna is by far my favorite Massage Therapist. Every time I get a massage from her I feel completely relaxed and re-energized. She has a wide range of techniques and a vast knowledge of the body and mind. Having the ability and strength to transition from a nurturing soft touch to deep tissue work is that makes Jeanna stand apart from the crowd. I highly recommend her. You won't regret it. ~Dan, Buffalo NY

Of all the massages I've had, Jeanna's was the best. She has a way of knowing exactly what your body needs, whether it's a certain area that needs special attention, or just head to toe rejuvenation. Her facials are amazing! Her touch is so soft and comforting that I felt like I could've fallen asleep during my facial. The electric frequency device she used on my face made me feel years younger. She also made suggestions of what I could do in between visits to maintain my skins health. Thank you Jeanna! ~Danielle, Buffalo NY


Going in to my first appointment with Jeanna, I was skeptical. In fact, I only made an appointment because I had a gift certificate. I have had shoulder problems for many years. My range of motion was very limited and I was always in pain. Over the years I have had many engagements with physical therapy, doctors appointments, ex-rays, MRI's and even surgery which left me taking a prescription strength naproxin. After one visit with Jeanna, I felt much better. And by the third visit, I was amazed to be free of pain and have my range of motion back. I no longer have to take medication. She has since worked on my knee, again with excellent results. She has healing hands, and has made an extreme difference in my life. Thank-you Jeanna. ~Sally, Amherst NY


Jeanna at 'Your Personal Sunshine' is one of the most skilled technicians of her trade. From her full body massages, to her facial treatments, her knowledge and ability to apply it are second to none. She has a way of educating you about the products she uses, which are all natural, to make you feel comfortable and confident about their affects. I always walk out of the treatment center feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Her powers of healing are not something you would get anywhere else. She truly is magical. ~Jimmy, Buffalo NY

I'm at a point in my life where the effects of the sun and age are taking a tremendous toll on my skin. Several months ago I started treatment with Jeanna, and have seen a dramatic impact. My skin is more hydrated and healthy. I actually get asked by friends and family what I am doing differently. Not only is the service and treatment amazing, the products are as well. I'm thrilled with the results and will be a client for a long time! Thanks, Jeanna! ~Michelle, NY


There's just something very special about getting a facial and massage from Jeanna. From the moment you meet her, you realize that she not only is a master at her craft, but truly believes in what she's doing. She puts so much effort in to healing her clients and providing the most relaxing environment possible. She is a very healthy person, - loves yoga, raw foods and daily meditation. Jeanna embodies a kind of health and spirituality that you want to emulate. She'll ask questions about your current situation, any stress and regimen, in order to analyze and help you understand how it impacts your overall mental, physical and spiritual health. Jeanna provides practical solutions for a more balanced life. There's just no one else I'd go to. ~Meg, NY


I am a big believer that massage therapy is not a luxury but a necessity. Working in an extremely stressful industry, my body will literally absorb and carry stress. I do many things to help reduce that stress: healthy diet, working out, yoga, reading, etc. But nothing helps more than a good massage. For the last 8 years, I've had the luxury of getting a massage 2-3 times a month. I've used many different therapists, both men and women. But no one can match the healing power of Jeanna Chebat. Her natural instinct combined with her vast knowledge gives Jeanna the ability to heal unlike anyone I've met. Jeanna also worked for me as my dietician. Her daily lunches were always healthy and delicious. My body's ability to function at 100% was the combination of good diet, exercise, and decompressing with a massage at the end of a long week. I highly recommend to those who pursue a complete and happy life, go see Jeanna. She is truly a one of a kind, salt of the earth gifted woman. ~Johnny,

It's always a pleasure to step in to the serene ambiance that Jeanna provides. Her knowledge of the holistic ways to heal the body never ceases to amaze me. ~Kelly, Buffalo NY


Receiving massages and facials from Jeanna are by far the best things I've done for myself. Having a career of my own and three kids, Jeanna has taught me the importance of taking care of oneself in order to be able to take care of those around you. Her style and techniques are like those of no others. Her full presence and Angelic touch could be felt as soon as you lay on her table. Not only are her massages therapeutic, but they also leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle anything with grace and full awareness. Her professionalism doesn't stop there. Jeanna has a way of communicating with you her knowledge of health and wellness to take with you outside of her office and incorporate in to your own life. Simply put, Jeanna is excellence at it's best. ~Julie, Kenmore NY


Jeanna is my "go-to girl". She offers a wide variety of services from facial care, massage, diet and nutrition, and body movement. For the last few months she has been providing dinner, based on a raw food diet, Monday-Friday for my husband and I. At first I thought it be would painful to eat so healthy, however, I couldn't be more wrong. Jeanna creates some of the most amazing, delectable dishes I have ever had. Not only is it delicious, but enjoyable to eat because you know every bite is more nutritious than the last. She creates a wonderful atmosphere of relaxation and comfort in everything she does. She is truly gifted at providing all the essentials to living a healthy life to it's full potential. ~Danielle, Buffalo NY

Whether you need to relax or work out the kinks in your aching neck and back, Jeanna Chebat can satisfy your needs. I began to see her on a weekly basis after getting hit by an SUV, while walking to work one day. Jeanna was a crucial part of the healing process. A good massage therapist is hard to find. Thank you Jeanna. ~Dan, Phoenix AZ


I've been going to Jeanna for massages for several years. In all of the years that I have been getting massages, Jeanna's have been the best. When I first started coming to Jeanna, I had almost constant headaches. I also experienced problems with my knees and lower back. With a combination of exercise, diet and massage, my knees are strong, my back no longer bothers me and I rarely ever get headaches anymore. I give credit for a lot of these improvements in my health to her. There are lots of people who do massages but Jeanna's are different. She has the physical strength to provide the deep tissue work that I need. She tempers her ability to go deep with a great sense of what areas require extra emphasis. This combination of strength and intuition are unique. Anybody who has the opportunity to meet Jeanna and utilize her services will be happier for it. ~Bill, Phoenix AZ


All it takes is one appointment with Jeanna to become addicted to her services! She creates a comfortable atmosphere that entices relaxation yet leaves you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Jeanna is not only a professional in the area of massage and skin care but also nutrition and diet. She has given me valuable information on the very best nutrient dense foods that will benefit my skin and daily energy levels, as well as, the foods that I should avoid. The attention to detail, level of care and skill that Jeanna offers is unmatched. Jeanna is the best! ~Julie, Cheektowaga NY

After receiving one massage from Jeanna, I was invited in to a whole new world. The cleansing my body received from this process was felt immediately. I have received this type of treatment from many others in the past and there is no doubt Jeanna's specific approach worked best for me. By committing to a regular treatment schedule I absolutely increased my quality of life. Not only does Jeanna offer excellent products, her customer service and flexibility were essential in creating treatment schedules around my time. I absolutely recommend any and all of Jeanna's products to anyone looking to treat and heal their bodies. ~David, Buffalo NY


I had the pleasure of working with Jeanna on several occasions. Every session we had together, whether it was a full body massage or hypnotherapy, had one thing in common every time. I felt relaxed and refreshed all the way down to my soul. During Jeanna's massages, she uses a combination of techniques from deep muscle work, hands on healing, to cupping. Because she is so in tune with her own body and the person she is working on, it allows her to literally remove any negative feeling that may have been your body. The only word that describes the feeling that lasts for hours after one of her massages is, ecstasy. Jeanna's skills don't end with amazing massages. Her abilities can go as deep as you can handle. Needless to say, I am a strong advocate of Jeanna's services and if you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to take advantage of them, I would definitely recommend it. ~Aaron, Scottsdale AZ


I have been going to see Jeanna for about 10 years and I have never been disappointed. She is great at finding my stress spots and making them go away. ~Todd, Scottsdale AZ



I work 50 hours per week, work out 3 days and play a lot of sports. With years of experience and education, Jeanna knows what type of massage I need to get me ready for the next week of life. She relieves my stress and stretches and heals my achy muscles. I couldn't ask for a better therapist. Thank you! ~George, Tonawanda NY


I am a 35 year old mother of two who is just starting to see the signs of aging. I received a series of microcurrent treatments and am very pleased with the results. Along with having noticed a more firm sleeker jawline, my complexion is very clear and definitely more youthful. I will definitely be getting more treatments in the future. ~Amy, Tonawanda NY